Ready to claim your piece of startup funding? Follow these steps...

Step 1: Gather your team together for an all-hands strategy session and get amped about winning thousands of dollars! 

Step 2: Find your way to the NYBPC website and review their info (we've made it super easy for you!) 

Step 3: Review the application to better understand what information you need. It's typical business plan stuff: business model, competitive landscape, problem, solution, etc...

Step 4: Write your executive summary and have a mentor or another entrepreneur review it.

Step 5: Submit your application before March 22, 2019

Step 6: Wait to see if your application makes it past the first round of review and selection, our bet is it will!

Step 7: Prepare your 5 minute pitch, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. Presentations must be submitted by March 27, 2018.

Step 8: Pitch at the Blackstone LaunchPad located in Bird Library on March 29, 2018

Step 9: Winner? Get your big check on stage!

Step 9.5: SU students, claim your piece from the local prize pool!

Step 10: Prepare for Albany with a 10 minute pitch and by meeting with the startup coaches on your campus.

Step 11: Travel to Albany with the other top entrepreneurs from CNY on April 26, 2019!

Step 12: Pitch in front of hundreds of key entrepreneurial stakeholders

Step 13: Win* the $50,000 grand prize!! Or a smaller chunk of money for category winners!

Simple enough?

*The NYBPC reserves the right to withhold prize money and/or in-kind services from winning teams who do not comply with the eligibility requirements. In order to be eligible to apply for and participate in the competition, all teams must meet the following criteria:

  • Founded by currently enrolled graduate and/or undergraduate students from accredited New York colleges and universities

  • A faculty or staff member is required to be listed as an advisor for the team; offering guidance, support, and technical expertise

  • Students may not participate on more than 1 team each year of the competition

  • Cumulative public and private capital raised may not exceed $100,000

  • Student ownership of the venture must be 80%

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